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  • Brooke Horvath

Salt Creek Consulting & CPA: A Different Approach

You've undoubtedly seen a new company enter an old industry and say "we are different...", "we take a different approach...", "give us a try...".

When companies give those lines as they enter the market, a lot of speculation is built. Will they really be different? How do I find out what "different" means?

Some consumers dive head first and give the new, shiny toy a try. Others sit back and watch. They decide to wait.

At Salt Creek Consulting & CPA, you will hear those phrases. We will utilize them on our website. We will market around them.

We will also deliver upon those statements...because for us, they are more than just a statement to get attention. These statements are not for you. They are for us.

These statements are there to hold ourselves accountable to truly being different in the accounting services space. That is our promise to those that put their trust in us.

Salt Creek Consulting & CPA offers standard accounting services: individual and business tax preparation, bookkeeping services for businesses, etc. But our primary role with our clients, individuals and businesses, is to be their trusted consultant.

Accounting services are largely automated today. Programs such as Quickbooks are so easy, my non-accounting minded husband can utilize it for his small business. The value in working with Salt Creek Consulting & CPA is our ability to take raw data, create financial statements, and translate those statements to allow our clients to make informed decisions to improve their financial outlook.

No one comes to a consultant because they wish to remain the same. Salt Creek Consulting & CPA is dedicated to making sure you do not remain the same.

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