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  • Brooke Horvath

Accounting Is Everywhere

Accounting is everywhere.

What do we mean by that? Let us back up to where this thought originated from, and we'll take you on one of the crazy journeys that goes on in our heads.

“Business” is no longer a man-in-the-60s-in-suit-and-tie going into the office from 8-5 (think Madmen here). Business doesn't need a degree in Marketing, Management, Finance or Accounting. Business does not even need a degree. As we meet more small business owners and hear their stories, it becomes clear that most people that keep our society running have no formal background in business. Instead, they have a lot of background in the industry they work in and they found some internal desire to be their own boss.

Now, we may be a little bias, but we believe that Accounting is the foundation of business. That is why Accounting is everywhere. We also fully believe that not everyone can or should fully understand accounting – and that’s OKAY.

As an Arkansas CPA firm, we look at other businesses and could not tell you the first thing in decorating a cake, repairing an air filter in a car, or installing a roof. That is why if we need those services we call my local bakery, automotive repair shop, and roofing company. You need a team in life. That team should include a CPA – to help you understand the numbers to make the best decisions for you.

You will hear us say that Salt Creek Consulting & CPA is not your typical accounting firm. Let us tell you why - it will not be hard for you to find someone to fill in the blanks on your tax return. It is hard to find a CPA that is thinking about today (and not last year’s numbers) to offer you real time consulting.

Let us join your team. Together we can make accounting the foundation of your business and you too will understand how accounting is everywhere.

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